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The MIC's Tire Guide
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Table of Contents
Introduction    Page 3
Inspection & Maintenance    Pages 3 - 6
The Ride    Page 6
Selecting a Tire    Page 7
Tire Sidewall Information    Pages 8 - 10
Mounting the Tires    Page 11
How Motorcycle Tires Work    Pages 12 - 13
Tire Failure    Page 13
Conclusion    Page 14
MSF T-CLOCSSM Pre-Ride inspection Checklist    Pages 15 - 16
Tire Replacement Log    Page 17
Load Limit Calculator    Page 18

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) is a not-for-profit, national trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of motorcycles, scooters, motorcycle/ATV parts and accessories and members of allied trades, located in Irvine, California.

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